Alan Binau.

(Vocal and guitar)

Born in 1958, Copenhagen, Denmark. Primarily vocalist and guitarist but has also recorded bass, keyboards, mellotron, percussion, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, ukelele.

Alan got his first guitar when he was 15. Soon after he formed the band "Gypsy" with Michael, John-John and Henrik, playing gigs in the Copenhagen area.

The band played cover songs, but with Alan writing his own songs on the sideline.                                    


Later Alan formed the band "Grumpy" with Torben, Carsten and John, playing hundreds of gigs up through the nineties.

In 2000 and 2002 Alan composed an recorded music for two ballets: Ghosts and Ocean.

In 2007 Alan started CEONEO in Copenhagen by merging the old "Gypsy" with the newer "Grumpy".

Alan records, arranges, produces and releases for other artists through his talent record company "DMC Scandinavia". Also Alan works as FOH sound engineer for live performances.

Alan is former co-owner of Tigerspring Records and Radio North. 

Alan has played or worked with e.g. Brad Fishetti and Harold Lima (LFO), Rico Monaco (has toured with Sammy Hagar, Tito Puente Jr., Tears For Fears, Average White Band, Michael Anthony of Van Halen, The Monkees, The Pointer Sisters, Blue Oyster Cult,  Rascal Flatts, Jon Secada, Pat Travers, Los Van Van), Ted Anderson (guitarist with Joe Perry), Leo Von (Brazil), Reel Republic (Ireland)

Alan is a former member of the Christian band "Band of Angels" of Celebration, Fl, where he played bass and guitar. Presently he plays with the Christian band "NewSong" of Orlando, Fl. Alan also plays from time to time with the Corpus Christi Catholic Church worship band.

In the summer of 2017, Alan played acoustic guitar, percussion and sang backing vocals for LFO (“Summer Girls”, “Girl on TV”, “Every Other Time”), on their East Coast “Rich in Love” Tour.

 Alan is primarily inspired by 60’ies rock (Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Doors aso.) and Americana (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelsen aso.), but his taste also leaves room for advanced music  (Bjork), country and hard rock (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath aso).



Microphone: Shure Beta M58 wireless (live). Neumann U-87 (studio).

Guitars etc.: Fender Telecaster (live)
, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Rickenbacker 360 12 str., Hagstrom Viking, Ariana spanish, Martin 6 str., Gibson Hummingbird, Taylor 12 str., Tennessee banjo, Lanikai ukeleles, Amistar dobro, Gretch lap steel guitar, Johnson mandolin. 

 Vox AC50 (live and studio), Marshall MK II (studio).

Speakers: Vox 212 (live and studio), Marshall 1922 (studio).

Combos: Vox AC 30
 (live and studio).

Custom pedal board with Earnie Ball, TC Electronic, Mad Professor, MXR, XOTIC USA, Boss, Blackstar, electro-harmonix boxes.

Misc: Ebow, Shure SLX 4 wireless guitar system, Shure In-ear system.

Keyboards (studio only): Korg X3, Roland RS 202 Stringer, Mini Moog Voyager, Kurzweil PC3x.

Bass (studio only): Fender Jazzbass.