Photo by Marcelle Lemchuk, Gramercy Theatre, NYC.


Floyd McCollum



Floyd got his first drum for Christmas when he was 2 years old, but didn’t take drumming seriously until he was 8.  In high school, he played in various music programs, winning a stage band festival "Outstanding Rhythm Soloist" award and the "Louis Armstrong Jazz Award".  At 16, he joined the musician’s union and played drums and percussion in concert bands, marching bands, jazz bands, orchestras, and churches.  It wasn’t until after college that Floyd played in rock & roll bands—both cover and original bands.  It  was also during this time that he built a recording studio, and founded (with two friends) the original band "The Mating Index".  The group gained a modest following on college radio, and opened for “Modern English” and “The Ramones”.  

After relocating to Florida, Floyd joined the praise band (now known as "Encounter Worship") at the Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration.  In addition, he also became a member of the Corpus Christi Catholic Church C7 Worship Band.  In June 2017, Floyd played drums for Jake Hamilton in concert at the Community Presbyterian Church.

In 2015, Floyd joined CEONEO--recording and assisting with production on their third album, “thirtyseven” (released December 2016).  Currently, CEONEO is working on a series of EP releases, with the first one—“Hot Dog or Music”—issued May 2018.

In the summer of 2017, CEONEO toured as the opening act and backing band for LFO (“Summer Girls”, “Girl on TV”, “Every Other Time”), on their east coast “Rich in Love” Tour.


Drum heroes:  Bill Bruford, Stewart Copeland, Keith Moon, Joe Morello, Paul Rice, and Danny Seraphine


Major musical influences:  Dave Brubeck, Kate Bush, The Clash, Aaron Copland, Peter Gabriel, and Pete Townshend




Recording Drum Set:  2015 Craviotto Center Stage Kit (no. 634), solid 1-ply maple (12”x20” kick, 7”x12” rack tom, and 12”x14” floor tom) 


Touring Drum Set:  2010 Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Kit, 7-ply mahogany (14”x18” kick, 7”x10” or 8"x12" rack tom, and 14”x14” floor tom), Roland TM-2 Trigger Module with BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad, and LP Cowbell and Jam Block


Street Drum Set:  Tama Silverstar "Cocktail-Jam" Hybrid Kit, 6-ply birch (6"x16" bass, 5"x10" tom, 5.5"x14" floor tom, 5"x12" snare, Tama HP30 bass drum pedal, Ludwig Porta Seat, and Roland TM-2 Trigger Module with RT-30K and RT-30H Triggers


Snare Drums:  2015 Craviotto 5.5”x14” solid 1-ply birdseye maple, 2001 Craviotto 6.5"x14" solid 1-ply ash, 2010 Gretsch Catalina Club 5"x14" 7-ply mahogany, Gretsch Swamp Dawg 8"x14" 6-ply mahogany, 2014 Grover Custom 4.75"x13" 10-ply maple with snare extensions, Grover Pro Popcorn 5"x10" 10-ply birdseye maple,1967 Ludwig Acrolite 5"x14" brushed aluminum (my first real drum:), Ludwig Black Beauty 5"x14" nickel-plated brass, and a Pearl Piccolo 3"x13" 6-ply maple; assortment of Grover Non-Spiral, and Craviotto and PureSound Spiral snare wires


Cymbals:  assortment of Zildjian K Constantinoples / Ks / K Customs / As / A Customs, Matt Bettis 13" Strong Edge hi-hats, assortment of Dream Bliss cymbals


Hardware:  DW 5000 Accellerator bass drum pedal and hi-hat stand, DW 6000 Turbo bass drum pedal, DW 6300UL snare stand, DW 6500 hi-hat stand, DW 6710UL cymbal stands, LP 332 percussion stand, Tama Roadpro snare and cymbal stands, Billdidit Coady and Zildjian Zil-Snap cymbal posts, and Tama throne


Sticks:  Vic Firth sticks and wire brushes, Vater Wire Tap stick brushes, Pro-Mark Cool Rods, and Zildjian stick mallets


Microphones (recording and touring):  Audix D6 (kick), i5 (snare), SCX1-HC (hi-hat), D2 (rack tom), D4 (floor tom), ADX-51 pair (overheads), and DVICE rim clamps       

Monitor System:  Sennheiser ew300-21EM G3 wireless monitor system, with Ultimate Ears UE 11 PRO custom in-ear monitors


Favorite Music Store: Dave Phillips Music & Sound, Inc.