From the recording THIRTY SEVEN

The song is about trying to stay true to yourself. It's the first CEONEO song with a gospel feeling to it. It's also the first song with a drum solo, which Floyd plays. John John is doing the whistle sound in the solo, Mika plays trumpet and trombone.
Drums: Floyd McCollum
Percussion: Tom Lloyd
Bass: Mika Thompson
Electric guitars: Alan Binau, David Cassesse, Mikey Thorsen
Clavinet and organ: Alan Binau
Horns: Mika Thompson
Whistle: Jens Kristensen 
Lead vocal: Alan Binau
Backing vocals: Kim Hawk, Laurel Cooling, Kristin Tucker


Somebody else
Tic, tac, toe
Do you wanna know
What I am thinking of?
Let’s put it to rest
Let me tell you
That I'm not thinking that you’re the best
When I look at other people
I like what I see     
But I don’t wanna be
Somebody else
And when I’m thinking of you
I know that you are not me
And I don’t wanna be
Somebody else
One, two three
Why can’t people see
That I’m the one I can’t betray
Singing this one
And this is my song
Tomorrow, today