From the recording THIRTY SEVEN

Written by Danish CEONEO member and guitarist Torben Pickering together with Alan this song depicts how the seater at the same time can bring us joy and danger. Three dogs are recorded on this song: Alan's Mimi, Floyd's Bella, Mikeys Buster and Tom's King. They can be heard in the middle part of the song behind the moog solo. Floyd is the weather man in the start of the song, Eric Thompson plays the harmonica. The solos are played by Steve (organ, piano and moog) and Dave (guitar).
Drums: Floyd McCollum
Percussion: Tom Lloyd, Alan Binau, Floyd McCollum
Bass: Mika Thompson
Acoustic guitars: Alan Binau
Electric guitars: Alan Binau, David Cassesse, Eddy Craft
Organ, moog, piano: Steve Marinaro
Moog: Alan Binau
Keyboards solos: Steve Marinaro
Guitar solo: Alan Binau, David Cassesse
Harmonica: Eric Thompson
Lead vocal: Alan Binau
Backing vocals: Kim Hawk, Alan Binau
Barks: Bella, King, Buster, Mimi
Sound effects: Alan Binau
Weather man speak: Floyd McCollum