From the recording THIRTY SEVEN

Released as a single in 2013, this song - written by Danish song writer Waterman and Alan - is about Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd. The psychedelic sound with no drums tries to mirror the emotions and music of this sad genius. Two guests play the solo guitars: Otto Morton and Rooney LaPlante. Alan's girlfriend, Barbara, is the news person ("Breaking news: Syd Barrett leaves Pink Floyd a spokesman said...."). Alan's son Andy plays guitar on the song.
Drums: Jesse Smith
Percussion: Tom Lloyd
Bass: Richard Sznerch
Electric guitars: Alan Binau, Chris Flynn, Andy Binau
Lap steel guitar: Alan Binau
Guitar solos: Rooney LaPlante, Otto Morton
Organ: Steve Marinaro
Synths: Alan Binau
Lead vocals: Alan Binau, Kim Hawk
Effect vocals: Alan Binau, Steve Marinaro, Richard Sznerch
News speaker: Barbara Pearce