From the recording THIRTY SEVEN

In 2016 we lost Leonard Cohen, Prince, Leon Russel, Glenn Frey and more. This song – written by Danish guitarist and CEONEO member Mikey Thorsen together with Alan – is a tribute to all the musicians we have lost in the past. And about not to forget to listen to their songs. Tom plays the harmonica, Mikey and Alan are taking care of the lead guitars.
rums: Jesse Smith
Percussion: Tom Lloyd
Bass: Richard Sznerch, Jens Kristensen
Electric guitars: Alan Binau, Chris Flynn, Mikey Thorsen, Andy Binau
Solo guitars: Alan Binau, Mikey Thorsen
Organ: Steve Marinaro
Synth: Alan Binau
Lead vocal: Alan Binau
Backing vocals: Kim Hawk, Gitte Serritslev